Five Must-Know Benefits of Straight Stair Lifts

Stairs pose various challenges, especially for our loved ones who have mobility restrictions. Staircases could prevent access to different amenities and rooms inside your house. Your loved ones don’t have to be restricted by these barriers. Installing a stair lift can give them full access around the house. If you are within the area of Lexington or Louisville, you can choose from the straight stair lifts Lexington Kyor straight stair lifts Louisville Ky.

In order to give you a grasp of the numerous advantages a stairlift can provide, here’s a rundown of some notable benefits you can acquire upon purchase and installation:

  1. Freedom

People with disabilities and our dear senior citizens are frequently faced with relocation processes once there are already signs of mobility restrictions. Moving and relocating shouldn’t be such a big problem. With a stair lift at home, specifically straight stair lifts Cincinnati, you can help your loved ones achieve the freedom that they deserve.What’s more is that they get to enjoy this freedom while ensuring their safety at the same time.

  1. Safety

A stair lift allows transport of your loved ones up and down the staircase through an accurate mechanism. The chair that is included in the package of straight stair lifts Lexington Ky and straight stair lifts Louisville Ky are equipped with a safety buckle to ensure the user’s safety during transport. These stair lifts are also equipped with safety mechanisms that will stop the operation once there is an obstruction or the seat, armrest, and footrest aren’t in their right positions. There is also a lock switch that could prevent other people, especially children, in operating the lift.

  1. Comfort

Apart from security, straight stair lifts Cincinnati are also promoting comfort. The seat is adjustable and padded to provide maximum comfort to the user. The footrest can also be adjusted depending on the height of the user.

  1. Accessibility

Straight stair lifts Cincinnati have slim profiles.Thus, they don’t block the use of the rest of the stairs. In addition, the chair as well as the footrest and armrest can be folded when they’re not in use, so they will not be barriers for others who will use the stairs.

  1. Ease of Usage

Straight stair lifts Lexington Ky and straight stair lifts Louisville Ky have toggles on their armrest for full control during operation. Remote controls are also included to allow the user to easily operate the machine when they’re on the other side of the staircase. During park position, the stair lift charges so that it will be immediately used whenever needed. There is also a backup battery system so that the stair lift will function in case of power loss.

These are five of the numerous benefits a stair lift can provide. Mobility restriction can now be given solution without the hassle of moving or relocating from room to room. You just have to seek for the right stair lift for your home. You can even have the lift custom-made for additional features.

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