Fine jewelry made from rose gold: An in depth analysis

While looking for some exciting jewelry options for gifting my fiancé fine jewelry for her upcoming birthday I came across several adornments which I thought were worth gifting. Having never heard of jewelry made out of rose gold my question is, is it any good?

Rose gold, is in fact a very famous choice for buying diamond embellishments of different styles and categories, which of course, includes earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, etc; It is actually a classic alloy amalgamation whose popularity has resurrected of late.

18k Rose Gold The Initial P Pendant

Basically, the yellow gold is converted in to rose gold by adding various alloys like copper and other mixtures to make it look pink in color. Before a few years this alloy was very popular in Russia which is why it is also known as Russian gold, albeit it is now nicknamed as pink gold.

18k Rose Gold The Trekle Pendant

The main reason of rose gold being a popular choice among women is that the appearance it gives is very warm and serene, and because the only difference from white gold and yellow gold is its color it is the perfect choice for all types of jewelry, which also includes this Trekle Pendat from Perrian which will appear sublime when worn by any lady. It is a type of jewelry that will appear amazing on all types of skin stone, and makes the ideal gift.

A special thing about Perrian’s rose gold fine jewelry collection is that the designs are divided into two categories, classic and latest. Further, the jewelry can also be worn as one individual piece or as a set, for example, diamond earrings and diamond bracelets go hand in hand and form a great contrast.

Taking care of the diamond jewelry

Since we are discussing about rose gold diamond jewelry, I have decided to suggest a few tips on how to clean for the jewelry made out of this color, since we are asked about this particular subject by a lot of our readers.

It is a fact that rose gold jewelry is no different than white gold and yellow gold jewelry, it goes without being said that the type of care that should be taken for this particular color of jewelry is same for types of gold alloy.

All the rose gold jewelry should be kept in a safe dry place, which is soft, like a jewelry box that comes with it when you make a purchase. It can also be stored in a soft bag, so the jewelry is not subject to any scratches of dents because of getting bumped or rubbed against other diamond products.

Your rose gold jewelry should be vetted, sanitized and polished by someone who is qualified in handling such adornments twice in a year. This will make sure that the appearance of the piece is alright and needless of any mending. You can also make your own cleaning solution which should comprise of 50% sterilized water and 50% ammonia that is used for household purpose. You also need to ensure that you are not using this solution on any gemstones barring sapphires, rubies and diamonds since it can affect the other gemstones that are soft. We would suggest you to make sure that you take counsel from a qualified jeweler before cleaning anything that you are not aware of.

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