Find Yourself. Create Yourself.

The reason behind writing this article is the intention to know if I am good at something. The things in which I get involved helped me about the way I think and gave me the strength to write this. So out of my experience I tell you that never show yourself to the mirror it only tells how you are but showing yourself to the world tells what you are.

Know yourself by involving in as much as you can because the depth of well is not known until you jump into it. If the thing you involve didn’t give you good results don’t blame your fate you just found that it is not your cup of tea because you cannot tell that this is the favourite thing you liked unless you tried rest of the things. This is how you gain knowledge to keep yourself involved in things when something makes you mad and people say that you are crazy there you are exactly…stop there and find a route in it. Don’t wait for others to accept it because nobody else knows better about yourself than you. Get things done when the power is on, capture the view when ship is floating on the water, find yourself when days are young.

But the biggest problem in doing this is that most of us always think about others as to what they are thinking about us and the other people also think that what you are thinking.. Think for a while.. Why will somebody think about you?

You are the only person who will think about yourself .follow your heart it always shows you the correct way. It may be difficult today to implement but there are always good days waiting ahead. With your face you can only impress the people who see you but with your thoughts you can be seen in others even after you die.

Waiting for the wonder to happen is a foolish idea. Creating wonder is a wise idea. People think that the person who succeeds is the greatest. But actually speaking he is also the one who was taught same when he was nothing. In my view gaining knowledge without spreading it is useless and seeking knowledge without implementing is worthless. But most of us always worry and keep thinking rather than finding solutions. The greatest sentence I have ever read from a book is- keep engaging in work so that you won’t have time to worry about things. It made me smile and I wondered how can the author write such a beautiful sentence that one has no time to worry. Absolutely true yes-when we have lot of things to do then how can we spend precious time in doing nothing but thinking. At least doing nothing will tell you what to do.

Don’t blame the person who always criticizes you they are persons who give chance to change yourself if it is needed.

Actually enemies are the good friends because they point out negatives and help us to change. This is how you make life simple and happy .Grow rich that your signature must become autograph one day. Rich doesn’t mean that you eat in golden plate but eating something with your own efforts is the richness. The world has become so tough that they only care about enjoying the pleasures but the greatest pleasure you get is by being yourself leading a satisfied life. Everything is easy if you have a desire to achieve. Only the person with pure thoughts and sincere efforts will get sustained results.

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