Facial Symmetry – A Big Factor to Define Your Beauty

Facial proportion refers to the term that defines association between the size and placement of the different organs on our face. Not all the proportions are same.  Each of them has some difference, in looks and appearance. The facial proportions play an important role in shaping our looks, our beauty or normalcy of looks depends on how our face is structured. This article reflects on how face proportions are determined for an individual.

A lot of factors are involved in face formation. The placement of every organ on the face, the eyes, nose, lips, features, etc. plays an important role. The proportion of head should be in sync with the rest of the body though not everyone has the same height and built. Face proportions are determined on the basis of the distancing between the various parts of the face. You’d notice that a woman and a man have different face structures.

You would also agree to the fact that some people look attractive and some have a pretty regular face. It’s tough to explain in normal terms, but since we are talking about face structure, a lot of it is owed to that. People who have a well structured face usually have a pretty face, due to golden proportions. Now what is golden proportion? When the skin is clear and flawless and all the parts of a face are placed perfectly, that’s known as golden proportionate. Though the natural dimensions give out best look, these days, make up tricks also give you the look that you aim for.

According to the research, a perfect facial symmetry is considered more attractive, and points towards good health and genes of that person, and people who have suffered any kind of illness as a child tend to have not so attractive features.  So now you know the reason behind good looks of certain celebrities. Aishwarya Rai, Natalie Portman, George Clooney are some of the noted celebrities who are blessed with golden proportion.

Most of us are born with proper face proportions. Your features define your beauty quotient. A number of photo touch up tools are also available online that could give you the perfect look. pinkmirror.com is one such website that helps you transform your face with photo enhancement tools, and give you a flawless appearance. You just have to upload your photo to the site (make sure your picture is a camera facing one) and it will show you the different results with a clear skin. It displays a list of face settings like face slimming, nose sharpening, pouting lips, soft chin, eye enlargement etc. Then you have skin controls, for skin lightening or different make styles, teeth whitening even, photo contrast and all that.

Such apps let you do a makeover of yourself without much trouble, or without any physical efforts. Apps that help you in fixing the proportions of your face as you desire is a boon for all the people (I assume) out there. Such is technology that makes you look better online and hence inspires you to stay that way in real life as well.

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