Etiquette for wine tours

Are you planning a wine tours in long island? Superb, It is always a fascinating experience visiting to the new people, new place and testing the new flavor. Attending wine tours in long island are more likely to have various levels of knowledge for wine lovers. There are so many questions race through your mind, from testing wines to buying it. Such tour is great opportunity to make new friends who share your interest in wine. If you’ve never been to a wine tour, then familiarize yourself with these wine tasting etiquette which will help you to feel more comfortable during your li wine tours with Long Island Wine Divas company.
Shall I Spit or Swallow Wine?
What should I do? Spit it or not? It’s common questions come to everyone’s mind in a testing room. Wine tasting is a personal experience. Everyone has his or her own taste about wine. The peoples working at the winery familiar with such behavior. If you’re not enjoying a wine, Do not hesitate to spit it. It is not rude to spit. It is the only place where spitting will be socially acceptable. One advantage of spitting the wine allows you to drink more without it going to your head. So again don’t hesitate to Spit out the wine.
Eat  or Drink on long island wine tours?
On long island wine tours, while enjoying the wine you may quickly get dehydrated due to alcohol. So, keep in mind drink lots of water.  Adding some water into the wine will help you to feel great throughout your li wine tours. This piece of advice is very useful in the summer season.  When the heat is already beaming down and dehydrating you on its own, water can help you to go a very long way to making a day much more enjoyable. An empty stomach doesn’t  help to digest wine properly. Also, wine is quite acidic for empty stomach. Some wineries provide breakfast or meals as part of their tour package.  If a meal isn’t offered, ask for wine tour operator about the meal. Some wineries also have on-site restaurants. So, it’s a fantastic opportunity to sample the different dishes on wine tours long island.

What we have to do and avoid at wineries –

Behave properly
Respect staff at wineries
Be a polite visitors
Try to make good conversation with your host
Drink too much!
Smoke chew gum
Talk on cell phone in wine tasting room
Wear fragrance or heavy cologne
Pretend to be a professional
Discuss what you’ve learned from other wineries
How to make conversation with wine maker?
The most important thing in the testing room is about your interaction with winemakers.  It’s a best chance to enhance your knowledge about the wine industry and find people which share the common interest. Don’t be shy, feel free to ask any question you might have. Because the person pouring your wine is a resource of information about wine and the area. Sometimes you may get most amazing information from them. Also, keep in mind don’t try to show off or irritate them with your stupid questions. Make a reasonable argument with the staff working at wineries like” where the grapes were grown? ” or Ask questions, mostly about what makes these wines distinctive from others. Just by listening to them, you might gain a deeper knowledge of a certain variety of grape or production method. Always be open minded to other things. One of the great things about coming to wine tour is that there is no harm in trying something new. Probably, you may get some wonderful memories on li wine tours.
Hire a car or have a designated driver.  
There are chances that you may taste more wine than expected —which could catch your eye while driving. It wouldn’t be safe to drive in such situation. It is most dangerous to you as well as other travelers. In that case hire a designated driver and relax while someone else chauffeurs you!
Sometimes you might not be familiar with winery region which may stick you into an unwanted situation. The best option is to hire a company to provide winery transport and enjoy the tour. If you are traveling in the group it is the most economically suitable option too.  To attend a wine tours long island, contact us. We are happy to arrange your visits to wineries.

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