Enjoy Wine Culture With LI Wine Tours

Many famous locations in the world are origin of the best quality wines and also have developed a tradition for winemaking. A wine glass is used in to create a mood of joy and pleasure. We plan LI Wine Tours for you in advance to visit the specific wineries in Long Island. You get to decide what you want, when you want and how you want it to be. Wine tours are a wonderful way to get out and see stunning wineries. It allows you to have fun and tasting the flavorful wines. We get you where you need to be, very safely and without stress.

LI Wine Divas, New York is experiencing a boom in wine tourism! Long Island Wine Tours gaining popularity because they are off beat and out of the box. Everyone can afford these tours and we offer customized plans too. LI Wine Divas assist your group of friends comfortably and ensures a relaxing and convenient wine tour experience. During the wine tour, you will learn about the winemaking and wine tasting.


Just Relax, Dine and Taste the Wine with Your Friends.

Wine Tours in Long Island has become a source of fun and joy for all those who wish to explore the numerous wineries. Spend a wonderful time with your buddies to experience something that will out of the world. Wine tours in Long Island not only offer an opportunity to savor the finest wines but also to view its scenic environment. The combination of scenic beauty and quality wines creates uniqueness in a wine tour.


It’s the time to Rejuvenate, Cherish Every Moment with us!

Are you a wine enthusiast? If you are then Long Island Wine Tour is the best pick for you. You can have a memorable day with the wineries and inherent beautiful vineyards where different varieties of grapes are grown.  This will help you enjoy the best wines and offer a pleasant wine tour experience. We will convert your every moment into memory.


So, what are you waiting for? Come and Spice up your vacation with our NYC wine tours!

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