Eleavers.com puts icing on the cake of any Ad campaign

Eleavers.com puts icing on the cake of any Ad campaign

There are lots of ways to get traffic on the internet today, but many are not so effective. I started out using Google AdWords for my campaigns, but I had to find other alternatives after seeing clicks go up to $50 per click, with less profit from each campaign.

I barely break even at times and most times I end up losing money on campaigns; I needed no advise that I had to quit running Ad campaigns on Google.

Moreover, Google as gone too big for an average advertiser like me, all they care about now is the big corporation’s money and if you are not big enough with funds to keep campaigns running considerably long enough to pick trends, analyze stats and see what’s yielding sales, Google AdWords is not your friend.

I tried couple of other Ad platforms with some average success story, until I chanced upon www.eLeavers.com , which has been giving me cheap clicks with surprising conversion rates on my campaigns. Here are some reasons it’s an icing on the cake of my ad campaigns for a while now better than Google AdWords.

· I don’t need a website for every affiliate campaign I chose to run especially those I want to test-run and see how lucrative they are.

· I can place my affiliate links directly as my destination URL including that of ClickBank which Google hates seeing.

· I target some major keywords for less than $1 with lots of click and conversions, which is not possible while I was with Google AdWords. And they are easier to target with Eleavers.com than any other Ad platform I’ve used

All Ads are not profitable for a number of reasons I will not be going into, and for the records, the better your experience is as an Advertiser, the better your campaign results. But of late I’ve being averaging 20% conversion on my ClickBank campaigns that I don’t have a website for, which is not surprising to me as have once gotten 25% on another ClickBank campaign. I recently ran a special promotion amazon offer (prime) that pays me $5 per sale and I sold 55 of them giving me a revenue of $275 with only $20 Ad spend in two days, that’s $255 in pure profit no question asked.

Earning $13.75 on every dollar spent doesn’t happen every day for most marketers, but for me it’s a norm and I’m inviting you to try it out for you CPA offers, ClickBank offers, any other affiliate or for your own website. Although my campaigns are based on very strong research which is about the hardest part of any successful campaign, but www.Eleavers.com helps me crown my effort with results; as icing is to cake.

The internet as grown so big beyond the likes of Google although still relevant to it, but advertisers need less hassle to set up campaigns and make profit, which Google can’t assure. You can’t tests-run an affiliate sales page directly with them to see how visitors convert; you have to pay through your nose for some keywords if you want clicks with them. All these just add to the headache of an advertiser, and because advertising on its own is hard; we all desire
less stress on our job. Check it out yourself and don’t forget to donate to charity when you profits starts rising.

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