Do You Need A Service Contract For Your Garage Door?

If you are a busy property owner, maintaining your home to keep it in its original condition is part of the process. The garage door that was designed to offer you years of hassle-free services might fall into this category if you don’t have a problem with the door itself or maybe the opening system. However, disregarding your garage door till it halts working is a mistake. Safety problems can occur if the door has gone out of alignment, or it might be concealing a developing issue in the suspension systems or drive mechanism. If you are not frequently checking it – and understanding what to do – these issues will get overlooked and result in mishaps or expensive repairs later on.

To ensure that your door is always secure and working effectively, the best approach is to secure a maintenance agreement for the door. Some garage door Lexington ky firms offer a lifetime maintenance contract on doors they install, but many have affordable annual service agreements on existing doors.

What A Maintenance Agreement Often Addresses

A maintenance agreement addresses testing the door for safety and function. This may include:

  • Aesthetically Examining the door
  • Checking as well as testing all security features on the door such as quick opening mechanism, protection reversing systems, electric, basic safety edges, and more
  • Examining alignment as well as balance
  • Checking the spring pressure and replacing old  and malfunctioning suspension systems
  • Inspecting rollers and fixing any that are damaged
  • Lubricating bearings, rollers, pulleys and springs
  • Tensing nuts and bolts on the door handles and changing any that is lacking

Why Hire a Pro

Even if you, as a homeowner, can perform visual home inspections, safety assessments, and regular lubrication, you aren’t trained to properly and securely analyze and fix spring suspensions, panels or cables. Garage doors are heavy and have spring tension add up to that; if springs or cables cannot support the gate, you are not far from a falling door.

Garage doors are very much more secure than they were in the past, but each year emergency cases see cases of homeowners who have been crushed, have fractures, or accidents from failed attempts to repair garage doors on their own. Service technicians from specialist garage doors Lexington ky company have the required training to deal with repairs which can be dangerous for the common homeowner.

Discount Rates Boost Cost Savings

As an annual maintenance customer, you might have to pay for parts whether it’s time to change springs, wires, panels, and so forth but labor is contained in the contract. Many providers offer discount rates on parts to correct your existing door. Even though you require maintenance consequently of damage from vehicles, climate, or other things, the specialist will sure they are on site, which will save both of you time and money. If it is time for a new door or a new system, you will see cost savings there as well.

24/7, 365 Safety Assurance

Having an annual services agreement on your door also implies that you have 24-hour emergency assistance at hand. In case your door stops working, leaving you unable to enter your garage or home, the best garage doors Lexington ky company will send help, whatever the time of day.

When you balance the small price of the annual maintenance contract with the cost savings, time and money savings, and satisfaction you get from keeping your door in good shape, it’s easy to understand why an annual agreement makes sense.

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