Develop your understanding about the sales and customer relations through Salesforce online training

The demand for Salesforce® specialists is increasing rapidly in the market and organizations are looking for certified professionals in this domain. Getting certified gives a boost to your career and enables you to contribute more towards the success of your company. A Salesforce certification training can provide you the combined knowledge of Salesforce Admin and Salesforce App Builder. The course material and training sessions of the combo training are designed in such a way that it will make you ready and prepared to get a job in this domain by the end of the training. It provides you the expertise essential to implement Salesforce in your organization and work on this platform to bring additional benefits and capabilities to the business. This training also helps you in earning a Salesforce certification, which enhances your visibility in the market.

The Salesforce Admin training helps you learn all about the concepts of Salesforce Administrator so that you can provide creative solutions and make Salesforce users happier and the business smarter. Through this training, you learn how to and configure and administer Salesforce and also build the skills of customizing applications and business processes. The following are the important topics that are covered under the Salesforce Admin training part of this overall combined training:

  • Getting Around the App
  • Getting Your Organization Ready for Users
  • Setting Up and Managing Users
  • Security and Data Access
  • Customization: Fields
  • Managing Data
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Automation
  • Managing the Support Process

The training module which covers the Salesforce App Builder domain makes you proficient in using Salesforce tools for app building and also increases your chances to get a better job and salary as compared to the non-trained app builders. This training also helps aspirants establish the skills required to perform extreme customization of CRM applications with®. The topics over which insight is provided under this training are given as:

  • Designing Applications on®
  • Designing Applications for Multiple Users
  • Implementing Business Processes
  • Managing Data
  • Visualforce® Pages: Enhancing the User Interface

The Salesforce online training makes you proficient in Salesforce and you become more likely to be appointed as as Salesforce Administrator or Salesforce Application Builder in the top companies. This training is considered ideal for:

  • New System Administrators responsible for the setup, configuration, and maintenance of their organization’s Salesforce applications.
  • IT Managers, Sales Operations Managers, Salesforce Developers, Application Developers and Programmers
  • Professionals who wish to explore platform for the purpose of developing applications

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