Cloud Computing Foundation – CCF Course


WebEx is the perfect alternative to our face-to-face training. Advance your career by taking our online WebEx course to learn Cloud Computing Foundation (CCF). Cloud computing is a hot topic in computing and it offers a variety of computing resources as utilities over the Internet, on pay-for-use model. It creates a paradigm shift in how we harness IT and offers several benefits compared to traditional on-premise computing model which reduced costs, increased agility and flexibility. Take our course from the comfort of your home or office on your PC.

    • Same learning interaction as face-to-face training.
    • Eliminate travel expenses and save the time spent in transit.
    • Four sessions (2.5 hours each) held once a week.
    • Login from anywhere with an Internet connection.
    • Receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion of the course.
    • Finish your Training over the web.

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