Certified NoSQL Analyst – MongoDB Certification Course


Modern day businesses accumulate an astonishing amount of digital data, which can be leveraged to unlock new sources of economic value or to provide fresh insights into business trends. Business Analytics is the emerging and fastest growing technology which every organization is embracing. Given the context of data growth both in structured and unstructured way, organization also need to move forward from SQL to NoSQL technology to store and handle the data before analyzing it. MongoDB is one of the new open source databases that focus on the ideas of the NoSQL (Not Only SQL) approach.

This specialized Certified NoSQL Analyst – MongoDB Certification Course focuses on MongoDB to implement different ways to store and handle data that can be modeled as a document format. This database is employed to handle documents in a free schema design that provides great flexibility to store and use data. This Certified NoSQL Analyst – MongoDB Certification Course covers the concept of big data, role of big data analytics in business, data/information architecture, data warehousing, business intelligence, NoSQL approach, data mining techniques and NoSQL & analytical tools and deals with the basic principles of MongoDB, key features, operations, data model and MongoDB architecture. Participants will be explored from installation and configuration of MongoDB to working on Mongo shell. Participants will learn data types in MongoDB, its schema design, create-read-update-delete operations, other MongoDB operators and index. In addition, participants will also learn about different data mining techniques through an open source analytical tool RapidMiner.

For more details about this Certified NoSQL Analyst – MongoDB Certification Course: http://rapidstart.com.sg/business-analytics/certified-nosql-analyst-mongodb/

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