Certified Cloud Security Specialist – CCSS Training and Certification Program

Introduction and Overview

“Through 2020, 95 percent of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault” – Gartner, Inc

The Certified Cloud Security Specialist Training and Certification program by Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF) is designed to provide expertise to IT professionals in Cloud Computing. Though Cloud Computing provides several benefits to IT, many organizations have concerns in adopting into cloud due to its security issues.The Certified Cloud Security Specialist (CCSS), a 3-day intensive training program with project work component focuses on Cloud Computing with respect to its security aspects. CCSS will impart in-depth knowledge with respect to security risks in the context of Cloud Computing, related issues and solutions. Participants will also gain knowledge about cloud security issues from an architectural design perspective. In addition, this course will cover Cloud Computing security taxonomies under two categories:1. Architectural & technological security taxonomy 2. Process & governance-related security taxonomyFurther, this course will also impart knowledge about the key concept of Security as a Service (SECaaSCSA’s Enterprise Architecture with a focus on its SRM (Security and Risk Management), perimeter defense security systems for cloud infrastructure and cloud security administrative best practices. The Certified Cloud Security Specialist Training and Certification course will also present relevant industrial case studies to underscore the security issues in the cloud.
View more details about this Certified Cloud Security Specialist – CCSS Training and Certification Program: http://rapidstart.com.sg/cloud-computing-certification-courses/certified-cloud-security-specialist-ccss/

How to Register?

Call (65) 6327 0164 or (65) 6327 0163 to enquire about this Certified Cloud Security Specialist training course, or email to [email protected]

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CITREP+ Funding is available to Singapore Citizens only (For both company or individual sponsored candidates). Call 6327 0164 for more details.

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In-House Training at Your Office?

Dedicated/Customized In-House Corporate Training is available for a group of 8 or more participants. We have conducted this training in Singapore, HongKong and India. Call 6327 0164 or email [email protected] for more details.

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