Buy ZEUS Lighters – The Future of Lighters

ZEUS Lighters produces the highest quality Singapore Electronic lighters. The features are advanced and well developed to keep up in our modern way of living. ZEUS Lighters carry sleek and stylish designs that stands out from the crowd. The company is also big about sustainability and creating less waste for the future.

The company says that after buying your own ZEUS Singapore Inferno Lighter, you will never need to buy another lighter in your lifetime. The lighters they produce comes with a micro USB charger that makes it very convenient to use anywhere.

While the Singapore plasma lighters of Zeus are made of high grade zinc alloy, they only take two hours to be fully charged. With that, it can produce up to 300-500 lights and can last you for weeks, even months! They also come with a safety switch. Also, they are extremely quiet and comes with a 7 second auto shutoff timer.


There are two classic designs of Singapore Spark lighter  that you can choose from ZEUS Lighters.

The first one is Matte Black  which comes with a sleek black body and has a matte finish. The second lighter is the Brushed Chrome which has a sleek silver body and is smoothly brushed giving it a elegant and refined look.

Online Ordering Details

Shipping to Australia and Singapore is absolutely for free. It will be received within 2 to 3 business days. For all international orders, it may take within 8 to 12 working days and a tracking number is always provided.

ZEUS Lighters also have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. They also have a very good customer service and  respond to questions and emails about their product.

Warranty Policy

The company offers a warranty policy to its customers for a period of 180 days for  defects in materials and workmanship of the lighters. The warranty period provides the customers guarantee that they will own a high quality electric lighters.

Please take note that this warranty period may not cover the damages incurred by the customer such as depletion of consumable parts that include batteries, chipping of the outer case, damages that resulted from any physical/ outdoor activities.


ZEUS Lighters is one of the best producers of high quality electric lighters. They make sure that the lighters are up to their standards and will be loved by their customers. They also make sure to use the most advanced technology and features to make the most out of your experience. To top it all, the designs are eye catching!

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