Best Horse Sights In Lexington, KY

Lexington, KY is famous for many things; its bourbon, bluegrass, becoming more popular food not to mention its horses. Referred to as the “the Horse Capital of the World”, horse sights in Lexington, KY are being now the most popular things to do Lexington KY. Read here for our top recommendations about how to enjoy the horse country!

Horse Farm Tours

For any unique Bluegrass, you have to go to one of 450 horse farms in the country. Pick from well-guided tours to self-guided excursions, the options are endless. While these are working farms, it is not ideal to just “drop by” for a tour. Therefore, be certain to plan beforehand and call to book for a tour.

Guided Tours

With some facilities only allows tours through specified tour experts, sometimes reserving a tour is your very best option to seeing the local horse farms.

Unique Horse Farm Tours – This tour offers a behind the scenes look of the people and horses that make Lexington the “Horse Capital of the world”. You tour historic properties to new contemporary facilities.

Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Farm Tours – One of the tours is a drive-by Calumet, a glance inside Keeneland racetrack, as well as the opportunity to see a Thoroughbred close.

Blue Grass Tours – On this tour, visit a local horse farm, visit Keeneland, and other significant stops. Take their tour, which includes an encased lunchtime and a visit to one of the distilleries.

Horse Farm Tours, – All tours add a quick tour by of Calumet, the Keeneland tour and tour many other farms where you will enjoy seeing horses.

Self-Guided Trips

If you will rather watch and tour the horse farms by yourself, call in advance to book your tour.

The Kentucky Horse Recreation area

That is not a normal park. Site visitors can explore over 1, 200 miles at The Kentucky Horse Park, as a dynamic working horse farm. Explore attractions such as horseback walk and horse rides, hall of fame who and much more. Additionally, there are several museums at the park for all those attempting to find out more about the industry as well as history. The farm by itself features 50 mounts and more.


As the core of Lexington, a visit to Keeneland is necessary to your photos Lexington ky day travel schedule. Whether you are a beginner at the racetrack or an expert, this track is ideal for all. Competitions are done twice a year, in April and October. In case you are not there during this time, guided tours of the racetrack are strongly suggested. If it is your first time visiting, make certain to use the experts in Keeneland to make the best out of your experience.

Retired Champions

Where do great horse champions head to retire? Located close to the Kentucky Horse Recreation area, Dream Farm provides visitors the opportunity to see past great winners. From previous Derby winners to superstar horses, such as Snacks Deelites, who starred in Seabiscuit, you will love to see the finest racehorses of Kentucky.

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