Benefits of featured Time Clocks

Buying a new time clock for your business is not something that you often do.So before you purchase a newer version of the old time clock ask yourself “What do I need to know before buying a time clock”?

Now let’s compare traditional time clocks with that of cloud-based smart time clocks.The moment you pull your smart phone out of your pocket and take a look at t.It does so much for you..taking a photo with your friends,keep you entertained while you’re waiting for your flight and even remind you of your birthday.Now look at the time clock hanging on your wall.It’s big ,bulky and costly.You won’t go for these clocks whose maintenance cost is  high.Let’s discuss some of the pitfalls of traditional time clocks.

  • High cost : Most of the traditional time clocks require expensive installation fees and maintenance costs.
  • Lack of innovation : Traditional time clocks are less innovative
  • Limited configurability : Most traditional time clocks have zero configuration options and come with additional professional service costs.

Finally an attractive alternative to traditional time clocks is a cloud-based smart clock.Latest technology clocks have large,multi-color touchscreens that capture time via a scanned QE Card using a built-in camera.They work seamlessly with cloud-based software.Benefits of cloud-based time clocks are :

  • Affordability : Smartclocks are substantially lower in costs and less maintenance.
  • Quick deployment : Downloading a smart clock app to a mobile tablet device is super fast and easy and the cost is less prohibitive.So you can quickly download the app and avail the features.
  • Customize your needs : Smartclocks require less physical interaction and as a result have fewer maintenance issues.
  • Ensure more accurate time data : Like biometric clocks,smart clocks prevent “buddy punches” by ensuring data privacy and capturing the correct data.

Thus mart clocks easily fit in with your existing technologies without the need for extensive or expensive IT investments.Looking for cloud-based smartclocks with truly innovative features ,cost-effective and comes with a variety of benefits for your organization?

Time Clock Express introduces you to cloud-based time-tracking applications to better manage workforce attendance,projects,professional services and shared services resources.They provide complete transparency into time data by reducing compliance risk and business performance.

Web time clocks   perfectly fit into midsized businesses with reliable,secure cloud and web based time clock was designed for business owners,bookkeepers and payroll professionals to keep track of employee’s time,absence,jobs and shift note.Virtual time clocks  allows employees to punch in and out using a web browser instead of a traditional time clock.The browser- web based time clock features  modern and intuitive user interface with a variety of labor transfer options.

To save time and avoid human errors in manually computing employee hours worked calculating time clocks  are introduced.These time clocks will calculate total daily,pay period, and overdue hours for you, eliminating the need for manual labor.Calculating time clocks help you save time and money by automating the data collection and calculations hence reducing the human error in calculating the employee hours.

Employee time cards have a significant role in managing the employee’s hours and give accurate information about salary allocation.These time cards are easy to use and reduce the errors in payroll.Thus time cards diminish the possibility of someone hitting a wrong key.

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