Are blue light blocking glasses worth it?

A remarkable amount of the time is spent by most of us daily on digital gadgets such as Smartphones, laptops, computers, e-readers, tablets, televisions etc.  Whether we are at work, home, commuting, eating or relaxing, we have hooked to these devices from work-related emails to checking social media accounts, watching movies at our leisurely hours or even before bedtime we end up checking the last status updates. On an average, nearly 10 hours are spent staring these devices at work. We have actually made our routine so ‘connected’ with these devices that we even forget to notice that this awful ‘habit’ is keeping us awake, hampering sleep, giving eye strain, neck pain and headaches due to the constant exposure to blue light.

Apart from the sun, most of the digital screen devices emit Blue light, be it day or night blue light cannot be ignored.  Blue light has High Energy Visible (HEV) wavelengths making is shorter and brighter. When it is scattered through sunlight, our retina signals the brain to reduce the production of Melatonin hormone which keeps us awake. The opposite happens at dark, the brain secretes more of Melatonin to induce sleep. However, at night when the brain is almost exhausted and ready to sleep, blue light from mobile phones and laptops keeps the brain active by decreasing Melatonin production and hence sleeping pattern is severely impacted.  Consequently, Blue light is a major culprit of disturbing sleep and affecting the retina. Exposure to blue light for extended hours can also negatively harm eyes by causing serious disorders like cataract, digital migraine, macular degeneration and partial blindness through retinal damage.

Blue light blocking glasses are the only hope of protection against harmful blue light released from digital devices, LED bulbs or fluorescent lighting. Blue light blocking glasses with a maximum blocking filter is worth it for comforting eyes and enhancing vision clarity. And no those cheap tinted glasses won’t work.

Specscart develops upgraded quality blue light blocking glasses which can block 100% of blue light from entering eyes.  Using these glasses to protect eye damage and inducing sleep, and look pretty cool with branded designer glasses. Invariably, Ted Cade Glasses, Ted Baker rectangular frame, tortoiseshell rectangular glasses, Ted Baker fuller glasses, ted baker rectangular glasses having blue light blocking filters will surely bring compliments and comments on your stylish look. In case, you are already wearing glasses or have existing frames, don’t bother to buy a new pair, only Reglaze glasses at Specscart.  All you need to do is forward old frames at Specscart in exchange for newly fitted reglaze glasses with anti-X blue light blocking lenses.  Rest assured same day glasses uk will be delivered to you on every order.

Try glasses online to understand what difference it makes when using digital devices with and without blue light glasses. Not only will you notice a significant change in your appearance but in your viewing manner with blue light blocking glasses. Say bye-bye to eye-strain, redness in eyes, headache, dry-eyes and protect your precious eyes from any future damage.

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