Affordability > Taboo as pre owned fashion becomes popular

Just because you belong to the middle-class, it doesn’t mean that you can’t dream of owning and donning branded outfits. There are several aspiring fashionistas who absolutely love the latest trends and fashion but simply can’t cough up the cash required to buy clothes sporting major labels. But what if it is possible for you to parade around in branded attires without having to pay the exorbitant amount to purchase them? Yes, it’s possible!

There are several entrepreneurs who have decided to open a second-hand clothing store selling pre owned fashion for a fraction of a rate they were originally sold for. Your dream of buying the ‘it’ brands without ripping your wallet may have finally come true! Thanks to these portals, pre owned clothes that have a label attached to them have become accessible to those who would have otherwise never been able to afford them.

Cultural Transition or Affordability?

One has to move with the times and it would be foolish to not acknowledge that there has been a significant shift in consumer behavior. For long, there was a sizeable stigma attached to wearing hand-me downs. Even though that hasn’t completely disappeared, wearing and buying pre owned clothes has become far more acceptable than it was before.

Room to Exchange

There are other platforms, mediums and ways to acquire branded clothing. Apart from second-hand clothing stores, there are other initiatives that have been launched, with the idea of pushing sustainability. Some programs that are launched are Exchange Room. These exchanges draw more attention to recycling and sustainable fashion. Moreover, if the pre owned clothes are in great condition, it can be brought back for the subsequent event.

Based on invitation to acquaintances and their referrals, the garments are gathered prior to the event. Inspection on quality and sanitization is conducted. After that, they are tagged with the current price and the former owner’s name.

In the last few years, it is clear that there is a market for pre owned fashion, however niche it might be. Both online as well as offline platforms are coming up with a strong combination of affordability as well as chic, along with a push for sustainability. Considering the superior quality of merchandise, it is not a surprise that many consumers are going for pre owned clothes than brand new attires!

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