Affiliate Marketing : The best online way to earn money

Affiliate Marketing : The best online way to earn money
Since 1970 for every dollar increase in the minimum wage, the average price of an item has gone up by $1.36. Even adjusting for inflation, a dollar
today buys less than it used to. Whether you like it or not, our generation has it harder than our parents or grandparents generations, and as the
limited resources we have are shared among an ever growing population the trend is likely to continue. We do however have a significantadvantage on
our predecessors, with almost unlimited and untapped potential. It’s called the internet.

There are now more opportunities than ever for normal hard working people like you and I to make money although it may not seem like it. Some people
make a living online; and others small fortunes, sometimes for very little effort. All you need is the know-how, and motivation to make your life a
true success story, and today I am going to reveal an easy way to make a decent amount of money on the internet with a step by step guide to affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a type of partnership involving an individual and a company, the process is relatively simple. Your job is to advertise the
company’s product and in exchange the company pays you a commission for the sale. It typically works when another internet user clicks on a link and
continues to purchase the product that they were interested in. The secret to success in this is being able to spread your adverts far and wide and
thus give the highest chance someone will click and buy the product, this is also the difficulty to be successful in this lucrative business.

Probably the cheapest and most effective way to spread your adverts and thus increase your earnings, Is to use a service like The great
thing about this platform is that it is something you can set up and leave, and it will supplement your normal salary; it could even make you incredibly
wealthy. In 2011 a survey conducted by eConsultancy concluded that 17% of affiliate marketers made between $65,000 – $130,000 annually.

This step by step guide will show you how you can make money with affiliate marketing.

1. Sign up to and select some products you like from the vendors.

2. Sign up to

3. Compose your ads with links to your site or affiliate links

– StudAds publishes your adverts on thousands of websites.

– Sit back and watch the money roll into your account.

The StudAds service provides immediate high quality traffic at a low cost and is simply one of the best ways to accumulate more advert clicks and customers
which equals more money for you. The system they use scans the publishers content and posts your ads on relevant sites to your product. this ensures that a
higher percentage of people interested in what you are selling are more likely to buy it. This is by far the one of the best things to help affiliate marketers
make money and I highly recommend giving it a go.

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