Adventure Travel – Kentucky

Kentucky Lake area is one of the largest human-made lakes in the country. It also boasts of the most extraordinary outdoor photos Lexington ky adventures.  The city is surrounded by a forest cover stretching over 2000 miles of shoreline. To get the best view, visit this area by boat. The land lying between the lakes is ideal for hiking away your leisure time into the woods. Woodland Walk is an only one-mile hike around Honker Lake and an excellent place for a picnic, with your loved ones.  You can likewise enjoy the choice of taking a scenic drive through the Lakes Elk and Bison Prairie. This will also grant you the rarest opportunity of getting up close and candid with the bison. This area is also a sanctuary to some wildlife, including the Bison, elk, coyote, bald eagles and a variety of birds. According to National Geographic Magazine, Lexington and Bardstown are ranked among the top-most adventure cities in America. These towns form part of the Bourbon Trail. Located on Bardstown, is Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center, a historical place. The Wild Turkey facility is also found in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. In the Mammoth Cave National Park, you can have the adventure of canoeing on the Green and Nolin Rivers for a distance exceeding 30 miles. Mammoth Cave has massive unexplored caves, stretching over 325 miles. However, you will need the services of the park service, since you cannot just venture in by yourself.

There are also many hiking trails available for your calendar Lexington ky, where you can set off on your own. Red River Gorge National Geological Area is a great place to start an adventure in Kentucky. The area has more 80 natural arches and a 36-mile drive looping tour in the area. You will be able to pick from over a hundred miles of hiking trails and get into the backwoods of Kentucky. Named after one of the greatest boxers to have graced the ring, The Muhammad Ali Center is located in the middle of the historic downtown area, with its numerous international cultural attractions.

Among the exhibitions to be found here, are those of the accomplishments of hometown hero Muhammad Ali. As well as the historic Civil Rights media footage, video footage of Ali’s fights, and a children’s Hope and Dream Wall. One is bound to come out, a better and changed person, according to a visitors’ popular slogan. You can also have a good visit to the Louisville Zoo, with its large variety of exhibits. Located within the zoo, is a water park, with lots of picnic areas, this has popularized the zoo as a fun and comfortable place for families and children.

The Belle of Louisville and The Spirit of Jefferson are two tour boats that will provide you with a memorable and lovely dining feeling. They are also perfect venues for weddings, proms, as well as corporate events. They can comfortably accommodate family reunions and military group too. For those looking for an excellent eatery, they can try out Jack Fry’s, a very famous and favorite local restaurant, which also bagged the Restaurant of the Year award by the Louisville Magazine. The restaurant is not only known for its excellent service and dishes but also its friendly and widely knowledgeable staff.


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