A Microfibre Pillow In The Making

The filling is the essential part of the pillow which determines its quality. Microfiber consists of three filaments which are down, duck feather and polyesters.

Down are light-weight, soft feather layer of filaments that absorbs the surrounding warm air and holds on to it to restrain loss of heat. They help you stay cool in summers and warm in winters. The down is three dimensional and hence ensure lofty feel. Be very careful while you shop as there are many variants of down available in the market that is cheap and nonproductive. Down is counted by its fill power, the volume of a space in a cylinder amounting to 1oz.The greater is the number, the higher is the filling content.

The duck feather is firm enough to hold the fillings together so they don’t spill out from the pillow and ensure protection from physical damages too. They are most commonly preferred a variant of feather filling. It provides support to your stiff neck and shoulders and offers a soft surface to rest your head.  This superior quality pillow is endowed with skin friendly texture and ideal softness.

Among the polyesters, hollow fill fibers are the best. It provides a lofty look and keeps your neck, spine and head in position as long as sleep on it.

The pillow cover fabrics are decided by the choice of the filling. It’s the filling material that determines the thread count of the fabric. Down and feather pillows require intense weave patterns to hold the pillow together whereas polyesters can do with a standard weave count.

Manufacturing of the pillow covers

A huge bulk of fabric is first sent to the factory. They are set to roll under high temperatures and pressure so that the fabric is made thin. This is done to separate the sewn case during the filling process.

They are shifted to huge slabs and are cut into layers with the help of fiber cut machines. The fabric piles are then shifted to sewing machine counters. They are manually stitched. The worker stitches two pieces at its edges a time, it deliberately leaves a space of 6 inches for filling to be stuffed in later. The pillow is reversed inside out, where the sew seams are now beautifully placed in the interiors of the pillow. Next, the pillow machines blow micro fiber fillings inside the covers. A machine then glides the fillers to evenly distribute the fillings. The open covers are then inserted into the tube and with the help of blower, the fillers are hard-pressed into the case. The opening is then variably stitched with sewing machine operator. They are weighed, to ensure a standard size is achieved and quality is examined to ensure fine products.

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