A Complete Guide to buying a Poker Game Table

Gaming table

Seeking some fun at home? A poker night is the best option to gather people to your table from every part of your life. A card game is undeniably one of the best options to enjoy with your group. Don’t worry about when to ‘fold them’ or ‘hold them to start playing, although you will need a good qualitygaming table.

Points to consider before buying a poker game table

Durability:Solid wood tables are better at withstanding weight, but metal ones are easier to fold up and set up. Apart from the material, the construction is important as well. Make sure the cup holders are intact and do not slip out over time. This might end up creating a mess on the floor. A waterproof felt is another point to consider if you are afraid of someone spilling their drink all over. Also, a set of sturdy legs is important to keep your table intact in place.

The number of players:It’s important to consider the number of available players before purchasing a poker game table. Overestimating the number is considered to be best as it provides each player a personal space and privacy. For instance, if the number of players is six, consider apoker game tablewith an accommodation capacity of eight.

Budget:Poker table priceis one of the major aspects to consider before buying a table. If pressed for cash, you can go for a full-sized hold’empoker table priceunder $100. Though, the range can go up to many thousands of dollars for a gorgeous showpiece to impress your guests.

You can also opt for a simple poker tabletop that can be unfolded on your dining table at the price of around $30 new. Although that will not work for many players, and won’t impress anyone either.

Padding:Seeming like an afterthought? But when your players are leaning on the table for hours in long tournaments, comfort is a crucial factor. The length of the table is mostly encircled with padded armrests to provide cushioning for everyone’s wrists. Padding under the felt will reduce the chip bounce, while a better quality cloth will help glide your cards smoothly across thegaming tablewhile you deal.

Marking:Markings are considered when the table is used for other casino games besides poker, or will be used for a specific type of poker. Tables are often designed to double the game such as craps, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. When the graphics and letterings are raised, leads to uncomfortable play and interfering with dealing cards. So consider buying a table with a minimized marking for a smooth play.

Storage:Consider this point of your space is limited. Go for apoker game tablethat folds up easily and fits in a closet or under a bed.

Additional features:Several extra features are also stuffed with some tables that help in enhancing the playing experience such as chips, a deck of cards, or a case. You can consider them if you want.

Wrapping it up

It’s a big decision to buy a poker table, hence required a lot of research. You can also test a few of them you’re interested in, before finalizing one. If you are getting confused and cannot decide, go for the better one. It will last for many years, if not a lifetime. Always opt for a solid table, even if a foldable one, to withstand a little abuse. You never know what will happen to it, when the pots get big and the night gets late.

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