9 Tips For Cleaning Your Wine Cellar

Like what any wine aficionado can confess — cleaning Custom wine cellars can sometimes be too painful. Removing dirt from fixtures, glassware, and decorative accents of this area is no easy task. But keeping the cellar tidy is an obligation that needs to be done if you want to keep your wine collection protected.

If you want to impressively accomplish this rather challenging chore, take time to read these 9 tips we’ve compiled just for you!

Use a soft cloth in removing dust and debris

Don’t let your wine bottles and other glassware be scratched during the cleaning process. Bear in mind that you should only use a soft cloth in removing dust and debris off these fragile items. In case you’ve used a damp clothing, make sure there’s no moisture left on the bottle before returning it to the rack or cabinet.

Examine your wines’ bottle corks

Upon dusting, you should also inspect the bottle corks of your wines. If you find anything suspicious or irregular, it’s a tell-tale sign that it has been compromised. It’s best to consume the wine now and get rid of the bottle.

Thoroughly clean the wine cabinet

Tidying up custom wine cellars ain’t just about dusting the wine collection itself. While at it, you should also clean the inside of your wine cabinet. Use a soft cloth to maintain the immaculacy of this appliance.

Use a sponge in cleaning ornamental elements

When cleaning the ornamental features of your cellar, it’s safest to use a sponge or a washcloth. Work in sections to ensure you’ve covered all the tricky areas of these decorative elements. For more intricate fixtures, you can use a soft-bristled brush.

Use a sandpaper to restore the quality of wood racks

To keep wood racks in excellent quality, resort to using a finer sandpaper. Sanding these racks down can help maintain the elegant, classy look of your wine cellar.

Don’t forget about the cellar door and seal

If you want to benefit from your ever-reliable cellar door and seal for a long time, never forget to including them in your cellar cleaning activities. Using clean water, make sure you’d cover all the indentions within the seal.

Combat mold using water and vinegar

Custom cellar wines provide the best environment for mold to grow. This airborne spore thrives in areas that are warm, humid and dark. To combat this unwanted cellar resident, it’s advised to use a mold-killing solution, which contains 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar.

It pays to vacuum the exterior

While cleaning the bottles, the cabinet and racks, as well as the intricate ornamental elements are of utmost importance, you shouldn’t also forget about vacuuming the exterior of your cellar. Be sure to clean the walls, compressors, condenser coils, and other external components.

Re-evaluate and rearrange your wines

As you maintain the tidiness of your cellar, you might also want to take the opportunity to re-evaluate and rearrange your wines. Place wines that are nearing their drinking age on an easily accessible location, and store those that need more aging at the back. This way, you can become more efficiently next time you’re hosting a wine party.
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