6 Products That Will Help You Reduce Shine On Your Face

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Do you have oily or acne-prone skin? In this case, surely summer becomes your particular nightmare. The heat makes shine appear and the beauty of your face does not stand out positively. Following a few basic tips and applying the right products will help you avoid the appearance of shine on your face.

The importance of proper hydration

Although the skin on your face is oily, you need to hydrate it properly to prevent it from becoming dehydrated and, at the same time, regulate excess oil. Using the right products, with sebum-regulating principles, will help protect the skin, prevent it from becoming dehydrated and modify the hydrolipidic layer of the epidermis.

It may seem like a contradiction, but in many cases excess shine is a response to external aggressions on the skin. Hence, the importance of preparing it with proper hydration.

Skin care tip – Hygiene guidelines to avoid shine on the face

In addition to being scrupulous with hydration, it is also essential that we strictly adhere to facial hygiene. Cleaning the face in the morning and at night is the only way for us to be able to eliminate all traces of impurities in the epidermis and, therefore, prevent the appearance of pimples.

Likewise, we must do a deep cleaning and exfoliation at least once a week to keep oil and, therefore, shine under control. Of course, it is important that we do not use excessive astringent products throughout this process, since they would cause harmful dehydration for the skin.

for skin care Choosing the right makeup products

Choosing the right makeup is essential so that you can hide shine without falling into the dreaded ‘mask effect’, which does not favor the beauty of the face. Oil-free makeup, with a matte finish, and, of course, loose powder to mortify, cannot be missing from our bag. A primer is also essential to prevent the face from shining more than necessary.

Finally, a setting spray will help make-up set properly and also mortify the skin.

Why does the face shine?

Our face produces fat to protect itself from external aggressions, such as the sun, pollution, the weather and bacteria that can cause infections. This layer of sebum also has the function of moisturizing the skin and providing the necessary antioxidants to keep the skin healthy. The problem occurs when oil is produced in excess, which causes acne, blackheads, shine and a sticky feeling all day.

Next, we will explain factors that influence the production of sebum on your face.

1. Endogenous factors

Endogenous factors are those that affect our body internally. They are biochemical processes that can be classified as follows:

Growth and development

During the stage of puberty and adolescence our body undergoes significant transformations. One of the main changes is the increase in sweating and the secretion of the sebaceous glands. the. This causes a more oily, shiny face and dilated pores.


Hormonal problems are not exclusive to adolescence, throughout our lives as women it is common for hormones to cause some skin discomfort, from pimples and a shiny face to sensitivity and blemishes.


Genetics is an important factor for the skin, if you have relatives with problems of fat and oiliness on the skin, you are willing to suffer from them. However, it does not mean that it is certain that you will inherit it or that you cannot avoid it.