5 Mistakes to Avoid When Learning the Piano

There are several factors to keep in mind while learning a piano. If you are a beginner and just started your piano classes, then you need to become aware of some of the most common mistakes that a beginner pianist tends to make. There are many reputed piano teachers in eastern suburbs that offer effective piano learning classes for the beginners and the advanced learners.

The 5 mistakes that people usually make while learning piano are discussed below:

  1. Practicing the Piano without the metronome

A piano metronome is a small device that is designed in a way to keep the beat at the same pace. By effectively using the metronomes, the musicians can play songs with the consistent timing. Nowadays, they are available in electronic, analog or digital form.  Playing music without metronome increases the risk of learning the pieces with changing and inconsistent tempos throughout.

  1. Playing the music too fast

This is one of the major problems faced by beginners. They tend to play the piano too fast too soon.

If you are a beginner, playing fast might be a tendency with you as well. You will develop muscle memory for the fast tempo that will be difficult for you to change and there is a high chance that you will repeat the mistakes. Thus, when you start a piece you should practice it slowly so that you cannot make the mistake. Playing fast music can result in missing the finer details of the piece. Moreover, if you practice slowly you will learn the piece better and you can finish it in shorter time as well.

  1. Not practicing regularly

Practicing piano has significant importance as it helps in acquiring the required skills and mastery to become a proficient piano player. Staying consistent with your practice is another important thing that you should not avoid. If you are not regular with your piano practice there is a high chance of losing your momentum. This will make learning piano more difficult in a long run. Try to give at least half an hour daily as your brain needs some time to create strong habits of everything that you are learning.

  1. Avoiding public performances

Your hard work of learning piano will become futile if you prevent yourself from giving public performances. If you have a performance to prepare then you will work harder during the practice to achieve the goal in time. Start playing a beautiful composition for your family and friends. You can, in fact, set-up a small event in your home where your friends and relatives can come to hear you play.

  1. Using Pedal too much

As a beginner, you can develop the tendency of using the pedal too much. If you hold the pedal down for a long time, there may be a high chance of blurring the chords. Try to play the piano without using the pedal excessively.

The fact is that with practice and with your love for the piano, you will be able to overcome all difficulties. You will learn to play the piano quite efficiently if you follow a professional piano tutor.

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