1 Day Bootcamp on BigData Course

Introduction and Overview

Modern day businesses accumulate an astonishing amount of digital data, which can be leveraged to unlock new sources of economic value or to provide fresh insights into business trends.   Big Data Analytics delivers competitive advantage in two ways compared to the traditional analytical model. First, Big Data Analytics describes the efficient use of a simple model applied to volumes of data that would be too large for the traditional analytical environment. Second, Big Data Analytics refers to the sophistication of the model itself. Increasingly, analysis algorithms are provided directly by database management system (DBMS) vendors.
This 1 Day Bootcamp on BigData course is specially designed to address the emerging demand of product sales and marketing expertise in big data. This 1 Day Bootcamp on BigData course covers the concept of business analytics and big data technologies with its strategic importance to any organization.   Participants will be introduced to the concept of applying business analytics with big data technologies: Hadoop, Hive and HBase. The 1 Day Bootcamp on BigData course deals with basic principles, concepts, and tools used for big data and business analytics, which includes data mining, Hadoop, HDFS & MapReduce, Apache HBase and Apache Hive.
View more details about this 1 Day Bootcamp on BigData Course: http://rapidstart.com.sg/business-analytics/1-day-bootcamp-on-big-data/

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